Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More Level Stuff

The top image are thumbnails for the next two levels before I start drawing them out. The chinatown level will have lanterns that fall to the ground and can be kicked around while the office level will have breakable glass windows on the side and plenty of cubicles to smash through.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mosh Pit Level 1 Background Revised

Background to Level 1- The Wasteland with initial shading. Check it out

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mosh Pit: Spring Schedule

Number of Weeks: 14
Feature Lock: Week 4
Finish Date: April 28th

Total Asset List

Art: Ozzy animations full set, Grunt animations full set, Scientist animations full set, font set, intro screen, game over screen, in between levels screen, level bosses, LAG animations full set, Spike Trap animations full set, break-able objects for each level

Code: Initializing the level timer, setting up levels, setting up bosses, special attack after guitar squeels are maxed, group AI, singular AI, initializing any remaining feedback items, polish FX (screen shake, zoom), enemies spawning off screen, fire trail

Music: Level 1 to 5 background music, game over song, level completed song, intro theme, credits song, boss theme

SFX: 5 bosses sounds, scientist hit, collision sound, injection sound, points added to score after combo, Ozzy special hit sound, adding to crowd meter sound

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1 - Wednesday, Jan 27th - This week is to take care of anything left over from the break
Art: Ozzy movement animations started, level objects concepted

Code: Group and Singular AI started

Music: Writing in progress on level 3 song

SFX: injection sound

Week 2 - Wednesday, Feb 3rd
Art: Bosses concept-ed, Ozzy movement animations complete

Code: Group and Singular AI completed

Music: Level 2 song recorded, level 3 song in progress

SFX: adding to crowd meter

Week 3 - Wednesday, Feb 10th
Art: Grunt movement animations complete, feedback timer for grunt queen bee (! or an arrow with a timer under it)

Code: current asset integration, AI debugging, level set up with placeholder screens

Music: Level 3 song recorded, level 2 song mastered


Week 4 - Wednesday, Feb 17th - Feature Lock
Art: All Scientist animations complete, Boss animations started

Code: adding assets, level timer in place, bosses in place with placeholders

Music: Level 4 song written, level 3 song mastered


Week 5 - Wensday, Feb 24th
Art: Grunt animations complete

Code: Special attack integrated (it goes off only when hit, make character blink to signal), enemies spawning off screen and coming in.

Music: level 5 song written, level 4 song mastered


Week 6 - Wensday, March 3rd
Art: Ozzy animations continued

Code: Polish FX put in place (Screen shake, zoom), grading system and end of level tally started

Music: level 5 song mastered, game over song written


Week 7 - Wensday, March 10th
Art: Ozzy animations complete

Code: Grading system and end of level tally complete, fire trail implemented

Music: game over song mastered, level over song written


Week 8 - Wensday, March 17th - Full Level System Accomplished/All Assets In
Art: Boss animations complete

Code: Game must work from the start screen to the end of the level(game over/end of level then start a new level)

Music: Intro theme written, level over song mastered


Week 9 - Wensday, March 24th - Beta
Art: LAG animations complete

Code: LAG behavior coded

Music: Intro theme recorded/mastered


Week 10 - Wensday, March 31st
Art: Main logo, company logo, credits designed

Code: This is overflow space

Music: Credits theme written

SFX: This is overflow space

Week 11 - Wensday, April 7th
Art: Start screen, game over screen, level over screen designed

Code: Bug testing, Bug fixing, implementing all of the assets

Music: Credits theme recorded and mastered

SFX: Overflow space

Week 12 - Wensday, April 14th
Art: Website designed

Code: Bug testing, bug fixing, website coding

Music: Overflow space

SFX: Overflow space

Week 13 - Wensday, April 21st
Art: Website up and running

Code: Final bug fixing, tweaks

Music: Overflow space

SFX: Overflow space

Week 14 - Wensday, April 28th - Final Game

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mosh Pit: Crowd Concept Art

Two different versions of the head gear, I'm going to go with the one on the left as the one on the right reads too much like a turban and long hair.

The plates on the chest will alert the players as to when they're converted also they can rip off their masks and other things to indicate.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mosh Pit: Winter Schedule Revised

Bugs to Fix:

Priority Order:

Code Department
1) Finish gaining power/speed, then integrate a spawning ratio of grunts at the different levels, also the losing of power when you get hit. Must be accomplished: Moving up a speed level after a hit, player getting a boost after a successful hit as per the diagram, losing all speed levels if hit.

2) Fix turning guys red bug, must use tint not animation.

3) Fix scientists effecting the crowd meter.

4) Fix bug of people moving with the screen and not going outside of it. They must go off screen.

5) Fix knocking over people so they get flung and if an enemy being flung hits another enemy do secondary damage to those around them. (Have that counted in the score 100 for full 50 for half). MAKE A MOCK UP OF THIS!!

6) Fix getting hit yourself and being throw away, then blinking for a few seconds before being able to bit hit again.

7) Feedback (blood splats on the screen, showing when scientists are attacking crowd, using the red tint, getting a score report from a hit (numbers come off the dudes you hit and goto the combo meter?), What happens if a combo fails (X the thing out)

8) Finish breakable objects (Get rid of dud bomb after its hit and cycles through the animation)

9) Combo meter bug (Timer does not reset)

Art Department
1) Get the 5 level paintings done.

2) An icon that displays the scientists working ( blinking urgent Syringe?)

3) Icon that displays when the mouse is active/inactive

4) The crowd

5) Feedback things (Combo failing, fonts for the score text, general game fonts)

Music Department
1) Start making drum beats with Cubase and Drum Kit from Hell

2) Get finished Metaleqsua song to Russ for mixing.

3) Begin writing Pantera and Slipknot-ish songs

4) Feedback sounds (Barrel/Objects getting hit, smacking noise for collision, Ozzy's sounds)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mosh Pit: Prototype

Play the Semi-Working Prototype

Power Levels with enemies that can hurt you turning red.
Breakable Objects break
Barrels get tossed around the screen.
Enemies don't run to the right.

What's Next:
What needs to go down after this is simple. Everything that is in here needs to start getting debugged. Then when it's perfect we move on to adding new things.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mosh Pit Crowd Prototype

Play the Prototype

It's very broken.


  • Something to indicate when the mouse is going to let go. A circle under the player that blinks? Yes.

  • Fix the mouse going off the screen and coming back on bug. It should let go when it's off the screen.

  • Character should always plow through enemies never bounce off of them unless he's hit.

  • If the player is hit give him time to recover and toss him around.

  • Something should happen when he reached the top of the hit sound FX, like he freaks out and blows a bunch of enemies around. AOE spell.

  • Sound FX for grunts taking damage not just the pinch harmonic.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Song Order for Levels





Black Metal

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mosh Pit: Winter Schedule

To Do:

Group/Single AI, Feedback (Blood Splats, numbers appearing for hits, scoring differences (scientist worth more than a grunt, a dud bomb work less than scientist and grunt) )

Lawrence: 5 Level Backdrops, placeholders for robot/large guy, finish writing metallesqua and pantera stages.

Bugs to Fix: Tinting Enemies, screen scrolling bringing enemies/objects with it, impulse from hitting an enemy not triggering, speed/power building.


Margaret Priority Order:

Group AI
Queen Bee (It can be any random grunt and if they die the state change aborts)
Circle Pit
Wall of Death
Hardcore Pit (standing around but they spread out all over the screen)

Single AI
Scientists (hooked up to the combo meter)

Scoring Differences (scientists worth more than grunts, level objects worth less)
Numbers for Hits
Screen Blood Splats

Lawrence Priority Order:

First Sketches Laid Out Together for Cohesion
Level/Breakable Objects Noted
Final Line-work done
Color Pallets for Each Level Picked and Assembled Together for Cohesion
Black and White Shading for Each Level
Finished Color

Large Angry Guy Placeholders
Robot Placeholders

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Final Presentation





- A queen bee for when the states change (Like the circle pit all forms up around one guy, kill that guy the game doesn't change states or 2 guys on each side of the wall of death that everyone is forming up on) The lead guy would have to raise his hand or indicate in some way.

- Taking some damage should be encouraged (adding to combo meter/speed/power if you're in a certain state of fucked up)

- Controls feel sluggish (I think this is because they're not gaining speed, we've got to get that system in)

- It's hard to see what's going on in a big group (I put 25 dudes on screen which is about right)

- Needs more indication of what can and can't hurt you (We're doing this anyway)

- It doesn't feel like a Mosh Pit.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Speed Gaining Diagram

To sum it up: Every time you do damage you get a speed boost and move up a speed level to move faster overall.

If you take damage you lose all of your speed levels and go back to the starting point.

If the combo timer runs out you lose all of your speed levels and go back to the starting point.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mosh Pit Scientist Prototype

  • Scientists are in, not effecting the crowd meter and broken.
  • Steering is in and also broken.
  • Gaining speed from hits is in but also broken.
  • The crowd meter is extra metal and so is the launch indicator.
  • Hit boxes are now circular for easier bouncing.

Click and pull back to throw then hold a and steer with the mouse.

Next we're going to get all of those working, implement some armor for the grunts to show power levels and hopefully having screen scrolling back.

The other thing is to implement feel in the controls, this means taking away the launch indicator onces the player is launched and having a cost when the player first launches the character. In other words everytime you pull back to launch Ozzy he'll come to a stop.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art Direction Feedback for Moshpit

Scale up the heads slightly.

More over the top effects for collision. (Possibly lightning)

Logo not terrible and more spiky/angry/brootal.

Color tinting to match the backgrounds.

Interaction between player and the scoreboard (show points scored next to player).

Objects on the character to indicate that they can do damage or not (Armor/skulls above their heads/auras(auras are a terrible idea))

Size is easier to read than color.

Mood Board!

This should show where the art direction in Mosh Pit is going by means of a sweet mood board.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crowd Meter Prototype

Play Crowd Meter Prototype

Make combos by smashing into the enemies and keep the crowd meter (the red and black one on the side) from hitting zero or else the game is over.

Health is also added, in order to damage the enemy just go faster than him.

Grunt Group AI

These behaviors will work on top of the individual AI so most of the Grunts will follow the pattern while a few will become stragglers.

In order to do this we'll be using this engine: Check It Out

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mosh Pit: Thesis Abstract

Mosh Pit is a "beat em up" game where the player must liberate people from the control of the government's twisted machinations. The landscape is ravaged by horrible war and from it comes a notion of peace at any cost. The government has rounded up anyone under the age of 20 and implanted them with a chip to make them docile. The player is part of an underground resistance group that has discovered in order to short circuit the chips they must blast heavy metal and break faces to spike the kids' adrenaline. In order to free as many people as possible the player must control a mosher named Ozzy to through seven levels set in a rebuilding post war metropolis.
The author of this game seeks to combine the nostalgia of the golden age of arcade games with the feel and intensity of a mosh pit. This is done in order to bring out various emotions in the player. To this end the author uses behaviors lifted from real world mosh pits and player interactions reminiscent of old arcade games. These interactions are then combined with an updated take on sprites and a brand new way of character control. Inspired by his life of concerts and video games the author adapts this experience into a video game that reflects this.

Mosh Pit Videos

Because documentation is always key, pay attention to the different variations of pits:

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Production Schedule: Revision 2

Code Things to Be Done by the Alpha:
  • Crowd Meter
  • Grunt and Scientist AI
  • Alternate Pinball Controls
  • Damage/Power/Health
  • Polygon collision boxes
  • Breakable Objects
  • Front and Back Collision
  • Attack/Dodge Mechanic
  • Solo Mode Mechanic
  • Finished Controls with Steering after Throw
Art Things to Be Done by the Alpha:
  • Scientist Placeholders
  • Ozzy Damage States
  • Breakable Object Placeholders
  • Level Start Screen
  • Level End Screens (Game Over/Victory with stats)
  • First Level Background

Week 9 - Wednesday, Nov 4

Art - making 2 kinds of smash-able objects (damage dealing and smashing for the sake of it), finishing the placeholder damage states for Ozzy

Code – Fixed screen scroll/flixel integration, code cleanup, grunt AI planned out, damage/power system integrated. Pool ball style controls readied for testing.

Music – Starting final recording for the first level track. Compose 2nd level track, Compose game over & victory music.

Week 10 - Wednesday, Nov 11

Art – Scientist placeholders done, start first level background.

Code - Crowd meter is implemented, front and back collisions are added. Damage/power system finished off. Testing Begins.Grunt AI integrated. Decide which control scheme is used then add steering to it.

Music - Start final drum and vocal tracking for first level track. Compose 2nd level track. Finish game over & victory music.

Week 11 - Wednesday, Nov 18

Art - First background finished.

Code – Crowd meter is linked to the combo meter, scientists can now decrease the crowd meter when in position. Front/Back collisions polished. Testing results are put into effect. Scientist AI integrated.

Music - Composing 2nd level track. Start Composing Title Screen track.

Week 12 - Wednesday, Dec 2 – Prototype 3 combo and crowd meter working together, first level song completed and level 1 background completed. Near finished game at this point.

Week 13 - Wednesday, Dec 9

This is when the actual play test starts. Be ready for this.

Art – Anything that does not have a placeholder at this point.

Code – All animation states inserted into the game.

Music - Start final recording title screen track, game over & victory screen tracks.

Week 14 - Wednesday, Dec 16 – Alpha – One finished level.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mosh Pit Prototype 2

Play the Prototype

This version contains tweaked controls and a working combo system

Testing Feedback:

  • Audio feedback to go in a loop instead of getting stuck on the last octave. Add in the UGH and the smack noises to play with it.

  • Swapping the score and combo #'s position and making the numbers bigger, especially the score.

  • There needs to be giving and recieving damage

  • The player needs more things to do and wants to feel more interaction with the hit, the dodge hit buttons need to start coming in.

  • Hit animation should have a push off one directly after it so it shows he's gaining power.

  • More feedback for hits. If it's strong something more should happen, the character needs to be more expressive and feedback for if you're doing a good job/the combo meter going up/bad job

  • We need a team/developer name.

  • Don't forget about the end of a level/start of a level screens and what they do/audio/graphics etc.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Next Control Scheme to Try

Pull back on the mouse in the opposite direction of where you want to go. Then an arrow grows in the direction you want to go, the larger the arrow the fast the player goes. like pinball. When he's in motion then you can steer just by moving the mouse. The faster he goes the harder to steer he is.

Click once to stop and if a new movement is entered the player slows down to a stop then takes off again so they don't just keep shooting him places.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Control Ideas

Things to think about control wise:

Do you even need to hold the mouse button down? Can you just flick without holding the button or click then flick?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Collision Graphics

Do I need separate collision poofs from when you do damage to an enemy and when an enemy does damage to you?

Do I also need a series of collisions for when the player misses an attack or does a stronger attack?

Should I just scale up the one star effect depending on the strength of the attack?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

3 sentences of awesome.

Everything is rubber.

Everything is fluid.

We all must destroy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Combo Timer Graphic

It will be a hand throwing up the horns with the inner red fill draining out of it. Here's a quick sketch \m/

Then have the scoring in the Tony Hawk style with the score x the combo number

Post posting notes: The flames should either be black or not red and should end BEFORE the numbers so they stand out. That and when draining the space should be black not gray or transparent black.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Getting characterization

I just realized:

The characters need to bicker at each other during gameplay. It could be whoever you don't have selected talks by means of either a speech bubble (That'll appear over their tracking icon if they're off screen) or just by audio clips.

Midterm Things Think About

- Sound Design. How can I use the ambient noise in a concert and the effects themselves to make it all feel more brutal.

- Making the game more cinematic, is it still zoomed out too far? Where does it zoom in? How can I make that awesome?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Fixing Level 1 Background

The perspective was really off and still slightly is (in the top right corner) so that needs to be addressed. The other part is an unexploded atom bomb would be awesome. When the resistance arrives they drive up brake hard and accidentally bump it where it freaks out for a second then fizzles out with a plume of smoke.

Grunt Enemy Concept Art

So this is the enemy the player will see the most of. In line with the game the scarier the mask on the enemy the weaker he actually is. This came from a variety of sources, the main one being US swat team outfits and body armor. He needs to look half military and half police force. The cattle prod being the best weapon for subduing people.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mosh Pit Movement Prototype

Play the Prototype

Key feedback from the play testing:
- Clicking a spot should be able to move the character there.
- Players need negative feedback if they decide to just drag the character around instead of throwing him.
- There might be too little friction
- Enemies move like they're on crack
- There needs to be more indication of where the player is traveling after he's thrown
- Players enjoy the act of throwing and hitting things but they need direction
- Players are able to quickly get a feel for the controls

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Collision Map

EDIT: It might be helpful to make damage and momentum into one unit, so 3/100 = one general collision unit then use those to tweak.

This assumes both the player and enemy have a health of 100 and a max momentum of 3.

Drag mode – When the mouse is down

Click move – When the player is moving to a spot the player clicked

Before the hit

When the player is within a close distance to an enemy that can damage him a dodge icon should appear over that enemies head. Also if there is an enemy he can damage the player can hit a button in order to strengthen the attack (+10) if he hits it at the right time, otherwise the damage is less than normal (-10).

Enemy hits Player (enemy momentum > player momentum)

The enemy is behind the player (enemy always wins this no matter what momentum level the player is at)

Enemy Momentum +1

Player Momentum -3

Enemy Health +0

Player Health – 15 * Enemy Momentum Level

Enemy Animation - Hit

Player Animation – Hit from behind (If damage is > 15 Hit hard from behind)

Player is in drag mode

Enemy Momentum +1

Player Momentum -1

Enemy Health + 0

Player Health - 10 * Enemy Momentum Level

Enemy Animation - Hit (if the damage is more than 20 Hard Hit)

Player Animation - Hurt (if the damage is more than 20 Hurt Badly)

Player has been thrown/moving

Enemy Momentum +1

Player Momentum -1

Enemy Health +0

Player Health - 10 * The difference between the player and enemy momentum

Enemy Animation – Hit (if the damage is more than 20 Hard Hit)

Player Animation - Hurt (if the damage is more than 20 Hurt Badly)

Player is in click move

Same as drag mode

Player is still

Same as drag mode

Player hits Enemy (player momentum => enemy momentum)

The player is behind the enemy

Enemy Momentum -3

Player Momentum -1

Enemy Health - 30 * Player Momentum Level

Player Health +0

Enemy Animation – Hurt (if the damage is more than 30 Hurt Badly)

Player Animation - Hit (if the damage is more than 30 Hard Hit)

Player is in drag mode

Enemy Momentum +1

Player Momentum -1

Enemy Health + 0

Player Health - 10 * Enemy Momentum Level

Enemy Animation - Hit (if the damage is more than 20 Hard Hit)

Player Animation - Hurt (if the damage is more than 20 Hurt Badly)

Player has been thrown/moving

Enemy Momentum -3

Player Momentum -1

Enemy Health - 20 * The difference between the player and enemy momentum

Player Health +0

Enemy Animation – Hurt (if the damage is more than 20 Hurt Badly)

Player Animation - Hit (if the damage is more than 20 Hard Hit)

Player is in click move

same as drag mode

Enemy whose been hit knocks into another Enemy

Hit Enemy Momentum -1

Hit Enemy Health - 1/5th the damage enemy that hit him just took

Hit Enemy Animation – Hurt (if damage is more than 20 Hurt Badly)

Original Enemy Momentum -1

Original Enemy Health -5

Original Enemy Animation Whatever animation it was in previously it repeats

Enemy whose been hit knocks into the Player

Nothing happens

Player whose been hit knocks into Enemies

Enemy Momentum +0

Player Momentum +0

Enemy Health +0

Player Health -5

Enemy Animation – Hurt (if the damage is more than 20 Hurt Badly)

Player Animation - Hit (if the damage is more than 20 Hard Hit)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sound Design Reference


Dead Space: Isaak stomping on things and that nice crunch.

Halo: Punching enemies

Saints Row 2: Getting hit by a car

GTA 3: Running someone over

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Production Schedule Revision 1

X Week 1 - Wednesday, Sept 2 X

X Week 2 - Wednesday, Sept 9 X

X Week 3 - Wednesday, Sept 16 X

X Week 4 - Wednesday, Sept 23 – half way finished with prototype 1

X Week 5 - Wednesday, Sept 30 – Prototype 1 – Finished controls with moving enemies and a

mocked up level.

Week 6 - Wednesday, Oct 7

Art - Concept art for main enemies (builders/non-builders being similar)/Work done on background

CodeScreen Scrolling, drag and throw(dramatically lower max speed when dragging as opposed to throwing), slow down enemies.


Week 7 - Wednesday, Oct 14

Art – Main character animations for various stages of running(with trails)/Second character concepted

Code – Mouse joint added to the throwing, Combo system started. Enemy AI started.


Week 8 - Wednesday, Oct 21

Art - Hit and hitting place holders are made/Background finished/Secondary character run animations/scientist placeholder created.

Code – Combo system finished and inserted sans graphics. AI for the scientists and grunts inserted.


Week 9 - Wednesday, Nov 4Prototype 2 – Tested/finish controls, enemies in place with screen scrolling and collisions with a goal to hit a set combo number for the player. Finished animations for the character and finished first level background.

Week 10 - Wednesday, Nov 11

Art – Hit and being hit (weak, medium and hard front/back) animations completed for grunts/scientists

Code -Momentum system put in place(enemies now knock player down/deal damage)/Combo system finalized/Detecting front and back hits.


Week 11 - Wednesday, Nov 18

Art - Health animations for player and enemies

Code – Crowd meter is linked to the combo meter, scientists can now decrease the crowd meter when in position. Second character controls implemented.


Week 12 - Wednesday, Dec 2 – Prototype 3 combo and crowd meter working together, Two characters controlled by the player. Scientists and enemies behaving like they should.

Week 13 - Wednesday, Dec 9

This is when the actual play test starts. Be ready for this.

Art – Damage states animated for player characters and scientsts/grunt enemies

Code – Breakable objects inserted. Health and damage added, player now able to lose and revive downed characters.


Week 14 - Wednesday, Dec 16 – Alpha – One finished level.

Prototype 1 Background

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Music Reference

The obvious references for the first two songs are Black Sabbath and Metallica. Now let's see who else we're stealing precious knowledge from:

So now let's move into another tier of metal. This means I get to play a synth and that's sweet.

Children of Bodom won't let me embed their video so here's the link

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Production Schedule

Week 1 - Wednesday, Sept 2 X

Week 2 - Wednesday, Sept 9 X

Week 3 - Wednesday, Sept 16 X

Week 4 - Wednesday, Sept 23 – half way finished with prototype 1

Week 5 - Wednesday, Sept 30 – Prototype 1 – Finished controls with moving enemies and a

mocked up level.

Week 6 - Wednesday, Oct 7 – Tested and refined controls/Music implementation is discussed

Week 7 - Wednesday, Oct 14 – Collision system implementation

Week 8 - Wednesday, Oct 21 – Enemy AI inserted into the game for the scientists and grunt enemies and Music is implemented.

Week 9 - Wednesday, Nov 4 – Prototype 2 – Tested controls and working collisions with momentum system in place.

Week 10 - Wednesday, Nov 11 – Combo system is put in place

Week 11 - Wednesday, Nov 18 – Crowd meter is inserted into the game

Week 12 - Wednesday, Dec 2 – Prototype 3 – combo and crowd meter working

Week 13 - Wednesday, Dec 9 - Enemy AI is inserted for Large Angry Guy, Spike Trap

Week 14 - Wednesday, Dec 16 – Alpha – One finished level with placeholder graphics, tested and awesome.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet the Testers

This is my rambling cohort of misfits and scalawags who've been rejected by society and have no choice but to come test for me.

Hardcore Gamers/Metal Fans
James Melville
age: 26
hardcore cred: Glitching 7 million gamer points on Xbox Live/Got a blood clot
from not moving enough due to video games.
metal cred: Stands in the middle of mosh pits and doesn't get hit because
everyone is scared of him.

Richard Gutierrez
age: 21
hardcore cred: Hitting Prestige mode within a week of Call of Duty 4's release
metal cred: Lives at Starland Ballroom, doesn't own a t-shirt without a metal
band on it.

Patrick Forgione
age: 25
hardcore cred: Defeating 5 guys in a row on Guitar Hero while playing In
Flames on expert
metal cred: Metal is the only music genre that can keep him suitably calm

Hardcore Gamers/Non-Metal Fans
Sloat Levine
age: 21
hardcore cred: Owns every Castlevania game ever produced

Ashton Merritt
age: 25
hardcore cred: Working at Gamestop specifically to influence opinions and
trends of fellow gamers.

Casual Gamers/Non-Metal Fans
Kunal Patel
age: 25
gamer cred: Playing every DDR machine in 3 out of the 5 boroughs

Alana Debiase
age: 24
gamer cred: Being forced by me to learn to use Netflix on the Xbox