Monday, November 9, 2009

Mosh Pit: Thesis Abstract

Mosh Pit is a "beat em up" game where the player must liberate people from the control of the government's twisted machinations. The landscape is ravaged by horrible war and from it comes a notion of peace at any cost. The government has rounded up anyone under the age of 20 and implanted them with a chip to make them docile. The player is part of an underground resistance group that has discovered in order to short circuit the chips they must blast heavy metal and break faces to spike the kids' adrenaline. In order to free as many people as possible the player must control a mosher named Ozzy to through seven levels set in a rebuilding post war metropolis.
The author of this game seeks to combine the nostalgia of the golden age of arcade games with the feel and intensity of a mosh pit. This is done in order to bring out various emotions in the player. To this end the author uses behaviors lifted from real world mosh pits and player interactions reminiscent of old arcade games. These interactions are then combined with an updated take on sprites and a brand new way of character control. Inspired by his life of concerts and video games the author adapts this experience into a video game that reflects this.

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