Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mosh Pit Scientist Prototype

  • Scientists are in, not effecting the crowd meter and broken.
  • Steering is in and also broken.
  • Gaining speed from hits is in but also broken.
  • The crowd meter is extra metal and so is the launch indicator.
  • Hit boxes are now circular for easier bouncing.

Click and pull back to throw then hold a and steer with the mouse.

Next we're going to get all of those working, implement some armor for the grunts to show power levels and hopefully having screen scrolling back.

The other thing is to implement feel in the controls, this means taking away the launch indicator onces the player is launched and having a cost when the player first launches the character. In other words everytime you pull back to launch Ozzy he'll come to a stop.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Art Direction Feedback for Moshpit

Scale up the heads slightly.

More over the top effects for collision. (Possibly lightning)

Logo not terrible and more spiky/angry/brootal.

Color tinting to match the backgrounds.

Interaction between player and the scoreboard (show points scored next to player).

Objects on the character to indicate that they can do damage or not (Armor/skulls above their heads/auras(auras are a terrible idea))

Size is easier to read than color.

Mood Board!

This should show where the art direction in Mosh Pit is going by means of a sweet mood board.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crowd Meter Prototype

Play Crowd Meter Prototype

Make combos by smashing into the enemies and keep the crowd meter (the red and black one on the side) from hitting zero or else the game is over.

Health is also added, in order to damage the enemy just go faster than him.

Grunt Group AI

These behaviors will work on top of the individual AI so most of the Grunts will follow the pattern while a few will become stragglers.

In order to do this we'll be using this engine: Check It Out

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mosh Pit: Thesis Abstract

Mosh Pit is a "beat em up" game where the player must liberate people from the control of the government's twisted machinations. The landscape is ravaged by horrible war and from it comes a notion of peace at any cost. The government has rounded up anyone under the age of 20 and implanted them with a chip to make them docile. The player is part of an underground resistance group that has discovered in order to short circuit the chips they must blast heavy metal and break faces to spike the kids' adrenaline. In order to free as many people as possible the player must control a mosher named Ozzy to through seven levels set in a rebuilding post war metropolis.
The author of this game seeks to combine the nostalgia of the golden age of arcade games with the feel and intensity of a mosh pit. This is done in order to bring out various emotions in the player. To this end the author uses behaviors lifted from real world mosh pits and player interactions reminiscent of old arcade games. These interactions are then combined with an updated take on sprites and a brand new way of character control. Inspired by his life of concerts and video games the author adapts this experience into a video game that reflects this.

Mosh Pit Videos

Because documentation is always key, pay attention to the different variations of pits: