Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Rambling Ideas

This is just copy pasted from my ideas word doc. I want it up on the web so I always have easy access:

Mosh Pit: Quick, rage, throw down, intensity

Revised Controls

Double Click:

Standing Still: Activate Targeting

Moving: Activate Targeting

Hold Down L Mouse:

Standing Still: Character moves toward cursor at default speed

Moving: Character moves toward cursor at momentum speed

Flick (mouse d to mouse u):

Standing Still: Character moves in direction/curve/speed of the flick

Moving: Character moves in direction/curve/speed + momentum

C Button:

Switches Characters

X Button:

Tags the player to do a team attack. If a tag player collides with the other character a team attack is performed.

Damage Effects:

~ Player hits enemy = speed boost/momentum boost up to 3

~ Enemy hits player

- if the enemy momentum is 1 greater than the players the player is hit and loses a momentum level but keeps moving if more are present. If the enemy momentum is 2 or greater than the player the player is knocked down and loses all momentum.

~ Player dodges enemy = nothing gained or lost, player continues moving in the same direction losing momentum.

Standing Still:

Start Movement:

- One flick straight in the desired direction and the character will move at the speed of the flick from point a to point b while gradually slowing down.

~ Player hits enemy = speed boost/momentum boost

~ Enemy hits player = fall backwards momentum lost

~ Player dodges enemy = nothing gained or lost, player continues moving in the same direction.

- One flick curved in the desired direction sends the character forward but with a curve added to the movement. Need to find a perfect balance in this or the game is ruined.

- Three flicks will charge the player up boosting his momentum/speed

-Instead of 3 flicks how about a hold and flick?

Targeting Movement:

- Holding down the mouse button for 2 seconds to initiate targeting

- 3 targets can be selected and then drain the movement meter in order to get to them. It then slowly refills when not in use.

-The higher the momentum level the more targets that can be selected


- Click and release to stop the player

- One flick straight sends the player in the desired direction with no cost in speed. (try it with cost and no cost in speed)

- One flick curved sends the player in the desired direction on a curve with no cost in speed. (Try it with cost and no cost in speed)

- Three flicks will charge the player up boosting his momentum/speed

Momentum Levels

Level 1 is enough to bounce off the wall onces, 2 is bounces of the wall 2 times and 3 is bounce of the wall 3 times. Whenever an enemy is hit it adds +10 to the rate which is constantly drained.


      - Two keys to either attack or dodge an enemy when you get close to him (maybe auto attack and more damage is added for hitting the attack key at the right time).


-When you get in range of an enemy, a “DODGE” icon will appear over their head then the player can ricochet off them

Switching Characters:

- Use two buttons to swap between both characters instead of highlighting them with the mouse.

-The inactive character continues with his motions

Win/Lose Conditions:


-To convert enough people to complete the level, the level of completion will go up based on the number of the combo multiplier and points scored.

Strength of the hit * number of hits = score

Time limit that will go down based on how high the combo counter has reached

Pharoah Ashseti: I'm not saying they need to come out of the background and help, I'm just saying it would be cool to start in an office building, and by the end have everything on fire and people fucking on the copier in the name of freedom


- Time runs out/Song ends

- Both of the player characters dies

- Does the conversion bar keep moving downwards? Yes.

In a nation where the last world war is over all guns are abolished and peace made the number one priority. The children of the nation were seen as a liability, what if they should fall back into the old ways of war? They were immediately set up into project ___

When our hero's fail us we pray for villains.

In the year 2012, there is a huge war. The entire planet becomes involved and the atrocities committed are so terrible all of the countries of the world unite to form one government and maintain peace, banning all weapons in the process. In order to do this The ____ Project was formed. The idea behind it was to chip all children being born and all youth under 20. The chips are still being prototyped and must be recharged in large gathering sessions. It has been 5 years since the initiation of this act and a resistance has formed with a way to disrupt the recharging process and save the kids.

The resistance loses it's key members in a strategic battle and the new guy is forced to step in.

Pharoah Ashseti: The chips work off of mental waves, brain patterns, what have you, but they are still experimental, not perfected.

Pharoah Ashseti: If I'm walking down the street and everyone is in tune, there is no problem

Pharoah Ashseti: But when I See some teenager hauling ass, free running, then stopping to blast death metal and generally flip out, the chips are sensitive enough to get screwed up a little, causing me to turn my attention to the disruption.

Pharoah Ashseti: The more people disrupted, the larger the disruption, the more the chips fry, and the more people join the pit.

Pharoah Ashseti: The pit steadily grows until either everyone is freed, or the "uprising" is put down.

Pharoah Ashseti: This way, you can put in a feature lie... in the background, have people walking around

Pharoah Ashseti: And the closer you are to liberating the level, the more background people start to rock out, as their chips fail

R1CEB0X: Hmmm

Pharoah Ashseti: So at the end of every level, there is a damn metal militia

Either the resistance has found a new process and surprise attacks them so that way I can add enemies so the bad guys are unearthing forbidden technology from the war in order to keep their hold over things.

Pharoah Ashseti: Have him start as a grunt, show promise, be promoted or whatever, and halfwy through, have the chippers kick in the absolutely worst door, and drag off all the resistance higher ups.

Starts with a guy falling out of the trance and hitting the ground then passing out and having Ozzy drag him out etc.

2 endings

Ends with the same guy falling and hitting the ground, then showing him in a bed with the sheeting being pulled over him and talk of how long he fought the withdrawl.


Ozzy and Chester come to the last level which is an operating facility for the kids. Ozzy tells Chester to get the kids out while he gets the guy that personally operated on his son. Epic fight ensues with Ozzy taking off shirt to reveal something badass and murdering the fuck out of the guy. Then cuts to Chester leading all the kids out looking up to see ozzy smash a top floor window, look down at him and throw up the horns before the entire building explodes. After the credits cut to ozzy walking through a field seeing his son and playing with him.

Awesome Ways for the Van to Show up/Levels:

-Smashing through a brick wall launching the characters through the windshield and into the play space.

-Having a character surf it then have it break hard and launch the player into an enemy.

-Have the character jump off of a helicopter through a glass ceiling landing on a guy, getting up from his now smushed remains and screaming.

-One level on the pier midway through a giant fish swallows it and the rest of the level is played inside the fish. The characters get eaten inside the fish at the end of the level. It then skips to the next level where a large fish flops on stage, the characters cut their way out of it.

-One stage starts in an office building where one side of the playing field are windows that shatter with enough hits then after shattered the main characters can fall out then climb back in (taking damage) and can kill the enemies by knocking them out. This leads to a rooftop level where the characters can fall off on all 4 sides except for specially placed barriers in order to fight a boss. It can be a huge guy that systematically knocks barriers away.

-Parking garage with a shattered roof and bumping a column on the side will send a car down at a time and the explosion will damage enemies. They then take the elevator up to the office building which then ends on the roof with the boss.

-In the wastes of the nuclear blast where strange glowing blue plants have begun to grow over the wreckage and it rains pedals

-China town stage with giant hanging lanterns that detatch and can be kicked around knocking over enemies if hit by the player or knocking over players if hit by the enemies, eventually they tear up and burst into flames. The boss has to be defeated by smacking these things into his open gullet. (do the laterns do more damage as they're consumed by flames?)

Pharoah Ashseti (5:50:18 PM): Group in the car, trying to figure out the best point of entry, the dome checker guy driving... when he sees an enemy in the diner or wherever.

Pharoah Ashseti (5:50:43 PM): takes off his seatbelt, Drives straight into the wall, flies through the windshield, through the windows of the place, into the guy

Who is Ozzy?

-Thuggish, fun loving, stoner

Who is Chaz?

-New, determined, inexperienced


Mosh Pit Animations

Maybe a break inbetween like going back to the base and talking to people before you have to go out on missions. This can be presented in just a straight up point and click or rooms like HTH or even a platformer but you just run around the area.

2d or 2 1/2d would the perspective switch be weird?

It would have to be 2 ½d and check out SNES Zelda


Escape from Butcher Bay – eerie atmosphere


-Aggressive Dogs


-Kerry King

-Japanese Hardcore/American Hardcore

- Gallows, British thrash


Quest Mode Quests (What do they do for the player?)

-A pillar is about to fall down and hit someone/collapse a floor smash it back into place

- Destroy the rubble

    • Find the pimped out van parts (Which results in the van getting classed up)



General Behavior

If a grunt is within a certain circle of awareness and a Scientist is hit they will move in the direction of the scientist until the player is out of range of the scientist



-If the player enters their half circle of awareness they'll move to attack him otherwise they just run aimlessly



- If an enemy enters their circle of awareness they'll run to bounce off them and gain momentum otherwise if the player enters that circle they will be attacked.

-If hit the enemy will run trying to find other enemies only and run from the player.

Spike Trap


        • Stand in one spot with spikes deployed for a set period of time the move to another spot on the level at random, during this move they can be hit otherwise it will take a team attack or super to dislodge them. Before releasing their spikes they'll indicate with smoking and shaking.

Normal Scientist


-The scientist will pick a random spot at the edge of the crowd converting the masses and undoing the players work. They will pick up and move every x amount of seconds and only when they're “working” on the sides of the crowd is the crowd meter effected. No Attacks.

Large Angry Guy


-LAG wanders aimlessly around the board and every few seconds flexes and screams before charging in a random direction. He can only be hit by a team attack during the charge

Riot Police


-Riot Police carry shields that the player can bounce off of and only be damaged by being hit from behind. If the player rebounds off of the shield there is a chance he will be hit with a stun baton. Team attacks are required to hit them head on.

What Does the Music Do?

-Rains power-ups at specific parts?

Credit: Ashton, Josh, Joe, Jason

Art Style

    • the main menu is the game base and you can run around to talk to people to figure out where to go, the title being a wrecked billboard in the background

    • Should the character be able to run in orthogonal directions as well as diagonals or just keep the same left and right?

More Mosh Pit concept art