Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Production Schedule: Revision 2

Code Things to Be Done by the Alpha:
  • Crowd Meter
  • Grunt and Scientist AI
  • Alternate Pinball Controls
  • Damage/Power/Health
  • Polygon collision boxes
  • Breakable Objects
  • Front and Back Collision
  • Attack/Dodge Mechanic
  • Solo Mode Mechanic
  • Finished Controls with Steering after Throw
Art Things to Be Done by the Alpha:
  • Scientist Placeholders
  • Ozzy Damage States
  • Breakable Object Placeholders
  • Level Start Screen
  • Level End Screens (Game Over/Victory with stats)
  • First Level Background

Week 9 - Wednesday, Nov 4

Art - making 2 kinds of smash-able objects (damage dealing and smashing for the sake of it), finishing the placeholder damage states for Ozzy

Code – Fixed screen scroll/flixel integration, code cleanup, grunt AI planned out, damage/power system integrated. Pool ball style controls readied for testing.

Music – Starting final recording for the first level track. Compose 2nd level track, Compose game over & victory music.

Week 10 - Wednesday, Nov 11

Art – Scientist placeholders done, start first level background.

Code - Crowd meter is implemented, front and back collisions are added. Damage/power system finished off. Testing Begins.Grunt AI integrated. Decide which control scheme is used then add steering to it.

Music - Start final drum and vocal tracking for first level track. Compose 2nd level track. Finish game over & victory music.

Week 11 - Wednesday, Nov 18

Art - First background finished.

Code – Crowd meter is linked to the combo meter, scientists can now decrease the crowd meter when in position. Front/Back collisions polished. Testing results are put into effect. Scientist AI integrated.

Music - Composing 2nd level track. Start Composing Title Screen track.

Week 12 - Wednesday, Dec 2 – Prototype 3 combo and crowd meter working together, first level song completed and level 1 background completed. Near finished game at this point.

Week 13 - Wednesday, Dec 9

This is when the actual play test starts. Be ready for this.

Art – Anything that does not have a placeholder at this point.

Code – All animation states inserted into the game.

Music - Start final recording title screen track, game over & victory screen tracks.

Week 14 - Wednesday, Dec 16 – Alpha – One finished level.

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