Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mosh Pit Prototype 2

Play the Prototype

This version contains tweaked controls and a working combo system

Testing Feedback:

  • Audio feedback to go in a loop instead of getting stuck on the last octave. Add in the UGH and the smack noises to play with it.

  • Swapping the score and combo #'s position and making the numbers bigger, especially the score.

  • There needs to be giving and recieving damage

  • The player needs more things to do and wants to feel more interaction with the hit, the dodge hit buttons need to start coming in.

  • Hit animation should have a push off one directly after it so it shows he's gaining power.

  • More feedback for hits. If it's strong something more should happen, the character needs to be more expressive and feedback for if you're doing a good job/the combo meter going up/bad job

  • We need a team/developer name.

  • Don't forget about the end of a level/start of a level screens and what they do/audio/graphics etc.

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