Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Production Schedule Revision 1

X Week 1 - Wednesday, Sept 2 X

X Week 2 - Wednesday, Sept 9 X

X Week 3 - Wednesday, Sept 16 X

X Week 4 - Wednesday, Sept 23 – half way finished with prototype 1

X Week 5 - Wednesday, Sept 30 – Prototype 1 – Finished controls with moving enemies and a

mocked up level.

Week 6 - Wednesday, Oct 7

Art - Concept art for main enemies (builders/non-builders being similar)/Work done on background

CodeScreen Scrolling, drag and throw(dramatically lower max speed when dragging as opposed to throwing), slow down enemies.


Week 7 - Wednesday, Oct 14

Art – Main character animations for various stages of running(with trails)/Second character concepted

Code – Mouse joint added to the throwing, Combo system started. Enemy AI started.


Week 8 - Wednesday, Oct 21

Art - Hit and hitting place holders are made/Background finished/Secondary character run animations/scientist placeholder created.

Code – Combo system finished and inserted sans graphics. AI for the scientists and grunts inserted.


Week 9 - Wednesday, Nov 4Prototype 2 – Tested/finish controls, enemies in place with screen scrolling and collisions with a goal to hit a set combo number for the player. Finished animations for the character and finished first level background.

Week 10 - Wednesday, Nov 11

Art – Hit and being hit (weak, medium and hard front/back) animations completed for grunts/scientists

Code -Momentum system put in place(enemies now knock player down/deal damage)/Combo system finalized/Detecting front and back hits.


Week 11 - Wednesday, Nov 18

Art - Health animations for player and enemies

Code – Crowd meter is linked to the combo meter, scientists can now decrease the crowd meter when in position. Second character controls implemented.


Week 12 - Wednesday, Dec 2 – Prototype 3 combo and crowd meter working together, Two characters controlled by the player. Scientists and enemies behaving like they should.

Week 13 - Wednesday, Dec 9

This is when the actual play test starts. Be ready for this.

Art – Damage states animated for player characters and scientsts/grunt enemies

Code – Breakable objects inserted. Health and damage added, player now able to lose and revive downed characters.


Week 14 - Wednesday, Dec 16 – Alpha – One finished level.

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