Sunday, September 20, 2009

Meet the Testers

This is my rambling cohort of misfits and scalawags who've been rejected by society and have no choice but to come test for me.

Hardcore Gamers/Metal Fans
James Melville
age: 26
hardcore cred: Glitching 7 million gamer points on Xbox Live/Got a blood clot
from not moving enough due to video games.
metal cred: Stands in the middle of mosh pits and doesn't get hit because
everyone is scared of him.

Richard Gutierrez
age: 21
hardcore cred: Hitting Prestige mode within a week of Call of Duty 4's release
metal cred: Lives at Starland Ballroom, doesn't own a t-shirt without a metal
band on it.

Patrick Forgione
age: 25
hardcore cred: Defeating 5 guys in a row on Guitar Hero while playing In
Flames on expert
metal cred: Metal is the only music genre that can keep him suitably calm

Hardcore Gamers/Non-Metal Fans
Sloat Levine
age: 21
hardcore cred: Owns every Castlevania game ever produced

Ashton Merritt
age: 25
hardcore cred: Working at Gamestop specifically to influence opinions and
trends of fellow gamers.

Casual Gamers/Non-Metal Fans
Kunal Patel
age: 25
gamer cred: Playing every DDR machine in 3 out of the 5 boroughs

Alana Debiase
age: 24
gamer cred: Being forced by me to learn to use Netflix on the Xbox

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