Sunday, September 13, 2009

Let's Talk Music in Mosh Pit

Solo Mode

Every song in Mosh Pit has a solo and during that solo the screen will fill with easy enemies to smash. In later levels a few very powerful enemies will be scattered in giving more of a challenge.

The stage music order will go like this:

Purposely Terrible Country song for the training level (with extra banjo cause I'm that fucking cool.)

70s Black Sabbath style song

90s Metallica song aka Metalesqua

Metalcore style song with influences by All That Remains/Killswitch Engage (This is the song that will easily blow my voice for a few days)

Death Metal style song with faux classical layering I.E. lots of cellos, violins, a giant chorus etc. etc.

Boss fights will have a looping hardcore track without vocals


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