Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mosh Pit: Winter Schedule Revised

Bugs to Fix:

Priority Order:

Code Department
1) Finish gaining power/speed, then integrate a spawning ratio of grunts at the different levels, also the losing of power when you get hit. Must be accomplished: Moving up a speed level after a hit, player getting a boost after a successful hit as per the diagram, losing all speed levels if hit.

2) Fix turning guys red bug, must use tint not animation.

3) Fix scientists effecting the crowd meter.

4) Fix bug of people moving with the screen and not going outside of it. They must go off screen.

5) Fix knocking over people so they get flung and if an enemy being flung hits another enemy do secondary damage to those around them. (Have that counted in the score 100 for full 50 for half). MAKE A MOCK UP OF THIS!!

6) Fix getting hit yourself and being throw away, then blinking for a few seconds before being able to bit hit again.

7) Feedback (blood splats on the screen, showing when scientists are attacking crowd, using the red tint, getting a score report from a hit (numbers come off the dudes you hit and goto the combo meter?), What happens if a combo fails (X the thing out)

8) Finish breakable objects (Get rid of dud bomb after its hit and cycles through the animation)

9) Combo meter bug (Timer does not reset)

Art Department
1) Get the 5 level paintings done.

2) An icon that displays the scientists working ( blinking urgent Syringe?)

3) Icon that displays when the mouse is active/inactive

4) The crowd

5) Feedback things (Combo failing, fonts for the score text, general game fonts)

Music Department
1) Start making drum beats with Cubase and Drum Kit from Hell

2) Get finished Metaleqsua song to Russ for mixing.

3) Begin writing Pantera and Slipknot-ish songs

4) Feedback sounds (Barrel/Objects getting hit, smacking noise for collision, Ozzy's sounds)

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