Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mosh Pit: Winter Schedule

To Do:

Group/Single AI, Feedback (Blood Splats, numbers appearing for hits, scoring differences (scientist worth more than a grunt, a dud bomb work less than scientist and grunt) )

Lawrence: 5 Level Backdrops, placeholders for robot/large guy, finish writing metallesqua and pantera stages.

Bugs to Fix: Tinting Enemies, screen scrolling bringing enemies/objects with it, impulse from hitting an enemy not triggering, speed/power building.


Margaret Priority Order:

Group AI
Queen Bee (It can be any random grunt and if they die the state change aborts)
Circle Pit
Wall of Death
Hardcore Pit (standing around but they spread out all over the screen)

Single AI
Scientists (hooked up to the combo meter)

Scoring Differences (scientists worth more than grunts, level objects worth less)
Numbers for Hits
Screen Blood Splats

Lawrence Priority Order:

First Sketches Laid Out Together for Cohesion
Level/Breakable Objects Noted
Final Line-work done
Color Pallets for Each Level Picked and Assembled Together for Cohesion
Black and White Shading for Each Level
Finished Color

Large Angry Guy Placeholders
Robot Placeholders

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