Saturday, February 27, 2010

Revised Spring Schedule

Total Asset List

Art: Ozzy animations full set, Grunt animations full set, Scientist animations full set, font set, intro screen, game over screen, in between levels screen, level bosses, LAG animations full set, Spike Trap animations full set, break-able objects for each level, hittable objects for each level

Code: Initializing the level timer, setting up levels, setting up bosses, special attack after guitar squeels are maxed, group AI, singular AI, initializing any remaining feedback items, polish FX (screen shake, zoom), enemies spawning off screen, fire trail

Music: Level 1 bg, Level 2 bg, Level 3 bg, game over song, X level completed song, X intro theme, credits song, boss theme

SFX: 3 boss sounds, scientist hit, collision sound, injection sound, points added to score after combo, Ozzy special hit sound, adding to crowd meter sound, queen bee sound, Ozzy talking


Weekly Breakdown:

Week 5 - Wensday, Feb 24th
Art: All Scientist animations complete, level 2 assets started

Code: Hit multiple enemies, Level XML, level begins and ends using the timer, mouse bug fixed

Music: level 5 song written, level 4 song mastered

SFX: Queen Bee sound, Injection sound

Week 6 - Wensday, March 3rd
Art:Grunt animations complete, level 2 assets complete

Code: GRUNT AND SCIENTIST AI MUST BE DONE, combo feedback (split this task!), character animations visible and playing

Music: level 5 song mastered, game over song written

SFX: Ozzy talking, adding to crowd meter sound (Cheering?)

Week 7 - Wensday, March 10th - GDC Week
Art: Ozzy animations continued, level 3 assets started, level over screen

Code: GDC Week

Music: game over song mastered, level over song written

SFX: Collision sound, special ozzy hit sound, scientist hit sound

Week 8 - Wensday, March 17th - Full Level System Accomplished/All Assets In
Art: Ozzy animations complete, Last Boss animations started, level 3 assets complete

Code: Game must work from the start screen to the end of the level(game over/end of level then start a new level), Grading system and end of level tally complete, fire trail implemented, Special attack integrated (it goes off only when hit, make character blink to signal), enemies spawning off screen and coming in,

Music: Intro theme written, level over song mastered

SFX: Boss sounds

Week 9 - Wensday, March 24th Beta – LEVELS DESIGNED THIS WEEK
Art: Boss animations complete, Crowd animations started

Code: LAG behavior coded (walk around the screen, if Ozzy enters field of vision he charges at him and is invincible while charging, also hits grunts and scientists out of the way but does no damage), Final Boss AI coded.

Music: Intro theme recorded/mastered


Week 10 - Wensday, March 31st – Play Test
Art: LAG animations complete, Crowd Animations Complete

Code: This is overflow space, Bug testing, Bug fixing, implementing all of the assets

Music: Credits theme written

SFX: This is overflow space

Week 11 - Wensday, April 7th – Play Test
Art: Start screen, game over screen, level over screen designed

Code: Bug testing, Bug fixing, implementing all of the assets

Music: Credits theme recorded and mastered

SFX: Overflow space

Week 12 - Wensday, April 14th – Play Test
Art: Main logo, company logo, credits designed

Code: Bug testing, bug fixing, website coding

Music: Overflow space

SFX: Overflow space

Week 13 - Wensday, April 21st – FINAL PLAY TEST
Art: Website designed, Website up and running

Code: Final bug fixing, tweaks

Music: Overflow space

SFX: Overflow space

Week 14 - Wensday, April 28th - Final Game

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