Thursday, February 18, 2010

Combo Titles


Having half health and scoring a hit +100 - But it feels so good, Pain is Pleasure
Having just above crippling health and scoring a hit +500 - Glutton for Punishment,Trooper, Down and Not Out, The Bleeder, We have a Bleeder, Not Dead Yet
Hitting 3 people at the same time +50 - Crippler, Triplet, Triple Threat
Hitting 5 people at the same time +100- Murder, Senseless Slaughter
Hitting 10 people at the same time +500- Genocide, Ultrakill, Rampage, Neverending Death
Hitting someone just before the combo timer runs out +1000 - Nick of Time
Using the super move +50 - Hair metal, Overdrive
Killing a scientist +50 - Fuck Science, Dr. Kevorkian, Experiment this, Broken Beaker, Bunsen Burned
Killing a lag +100 - Topple Meat Mountain, Roid Rage, Muscle Beach, Pacifier
Queen bee killer +100 - Regicide, Denied, Shoot the Messenger
Maxing out the crowd +50 - Charismatic, Follow the Leader, Start a Revoltion, Revolt, William Wallace, I am Spartacus

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