Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pirate Ship Design Proposal


Most boys have a very aggressive play style, they like to slam action figures together while running around screaming. Yugi-oh and Pokemon have proven that combining this with collectibles is a winning strategy. What this project will do is use networking to create a tactile feedback device that interacts with other players over the Internet. The kit would come with a pirate ship and a mat that attaches to the computer via usb port. The child can then manipulate the ship around the map and fire the guns which would transfer the actions on screen. The ship could then be customized in both the game and real life by accessories sold separately.


The first thing that would have to be worked out is the logistics of the pirate ship. There would need to be a sensor at the bottom that would be able to show the ships position on the mat while The other tricky thing would be to transfer data from each of the ships interchangeable accessories. There would be 4 main pieces to the ship that would effect the game-play. The cannons, the rear of the ship, the front of the ship and the mast. The cannons would be firepower, the different rears would effect steering, the front of the ship the armor and the mast would be speed. Every visual change made to the ship in real life would change the ship in the game.

The game itself would have to be a stand alone program that would be installed into the computer. The player would have an option of facing computer controlled opponents or people from the Internet. If the player decides to play over the Internet they're matched via a win/loss ranking system. This would keep experienced players away from newbies. The player would then be able to communicate by means of a limited chat system. The player would then be able to maintain a friends list where he could visit their ships in port and start new games with them. Friends can also bring ships over and play on the same mat. This method should bring a sense of community to the game and make blowing up other pirates fun.

User Scenario:

Timmy has just obtained the pirate game. He's installed the software and plugged in the mat and while the game loads he's tearing open packages of accessories and customizing his ship. He choses heavy ballista over cannon and a bright blue sail. As soon as his new ship touches the mat it appears on the screen and he's given the option to play against an live player or the computer. Timmy picks the live player and is immediately matched up in a game with another newbie. Battle is waged and Timmy gains victory, his rank rises and now he's just entered the big leagues.


  • This is as far as using mats for play has come.

- This is a collectible strategy game where the player constructs his own ships. It lacks a board and just puts forth a set of game pieces and let's the player decide all locations.

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