Monday, February 16, 2009

Helidrop: Line Wait Solution


Heliball Drop is a pachinko-style game where players pilot helicopters inside a plastic case. The player will be able to drop balls into various slots that will trigger animation and light displays. This game will keep the customers happy and free of the boredom normally associated with long lines.


Heliball Drop will work with large clear plastic panels that will house all of the equipment except for the outside controls. The player can use the joystick to move the helicopter either left or right while pressing a button to drop it's cargo of metal balls. The balls will fall onto a series of pegs that will act as a randomizer before they plummet into a variety of slots. The better the lighting effect or animation the harder it will be to land a ball in it.

The interaction is simple and the players cannot be knocked out of the game. If they run out of balls at any point and have not moved on they can refill by moving to specific points. The player can then do such things as make the entire line light up by doing combining a series of actions with another player. They would also be able to trigger single player options such as animations on LCD screens or physical puppets that will perform. Lastly there would be common goals that all of the players work towards that would not go off on the first pass in line but over time would be achieved. Even the people who are not playing have the opportunity to be entertained by the lights and animations going on all around them.

User Scenario:

Little Timmy is bored waiting in line for the Vomit Coaster. He's been waiting for what seems like hours and the only entertainment he has is looking at his feet. He sees that the next line over is filled with flashing lights, sound and action and runs over to it immediately. He's greeted with a joystick and 2 buttons. He finds out by touching it that he's the yellow helicopter and by using the buttons he can drop balls onto the targets. Timmy continues moving up and swapping controls until he manages to hit the front of the line without even realizing it.


  • Pachinko in action. It's as if you cross bred pinball and a slot machine.

- From the Price is Right. People win prizes by navigating a circle to the bottom of a series of peg

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