Friday, December 17, 2010

Making Cutscenes

The game is getting so close to completion and we're in the final testing and polishing phase. This is a half finished part of the cut scenes that are unlocked by the player after successfully completing a "boss" level. It's probably the most depressing story ever:

Cut 1

There once was a boy named Pepe whose parents enjoyed the finer things in life...
Pepe's Mother: "Pepe! Check out this jacket I got for your father!"
Pepe: "It's beautiful, we must be rich!"
Pepe's Mother: "Actually..."
Cut to Factory
Mr Enojado: "Time to sew off your mami's debt"

Cut 2
Pepe worked very hard indeed and Mr. Enojado had a surprise for him...
Mr. Enojado "You are horrible at sewing. Maybe I can get back my money with you on hoodies."
Pepe: "Yes sir..."

Cut 3
Mr. Enojado had called Pepe to his office and he was very pleased..
Mr. Enojado: "This looks better than horrible, I'm promoting you to management!"
Pepe: "Really? I'm so happy!"
Mr. Enojado: "Good now you get to work 21 hours a day!"

Cut 4
The day came where Pepe had a question for Mr. Enojado...
Pepe: ""Sir is it bad that I can't feel the right side of my body"
Mr Enojado: "Just the right side!? You must not be working enough!"
Mr EnoJado: "When I was your age we were all numb if we did our jobs right you lazy boy!"

Cut 5
No idea what goes here.

Cut 6
A mysterious fire had erupted in the factory and Mr Enojado's tortured screams could be heard through out the land, the door however was open and all of the workers long since cleared out, but what has happened to Pepe? That is a story for another day...

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