Monday, April 26, 2010

4 Day Schedule: What's Left with Art?

Things that need doing (Priority Order):
  • Explaining how to lose tutorial screens
  • Level 5 6 7 tutorial screens
  • Narrative start screen
  • Take down the DB of the guitar squeel
  • Scientist death animation
  • Finish 2nd girl
  • Paint last 2 levels
  • Chop up 3 levels
  • Start 3rd girl
  • Credits Screen
  • Change the title screen
  • Tweak health levels
  • Tweak enemy counts in all stages
  • Tweak queen bee count
  • Tweak crowd life span
  • Tweak the scientist spraying times
  • Text for the murder counts
  • Change the level background for the levels
  • Change the music for the levels (monsterocity in the tutorial levels)

Due: Tuesday

  • Symposium 3 people banners (ozzy, grunt, crowd lady)
  • Symposium logo scroll banner
  • Symposium pillar logo banners
  • Cardboard Standie to block the monitor

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