Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mosh Pit: The Alibi of Tyrants

Mosh pit is an action game, made in flash,where players control two characters trapped in an alternate reality 1988. The characters follow the paths drawn by the player in order to attack and build combos. The player builds combos by rebounding off of enemies which in turn rebound off of other enemies and the crowd.

- The winning conditions are met by the player being able to eliminate all of the enemies on screen. Points are awarded based on how long the player can keep the enemies bouncing off of each other.

- If the player rebounds off of one enemy and into a second, the second enemy will have more damage done to it. This can happen a max of 3 times the normal amount of damage.

- There will be no health bars instead the health of the player and the enemies will be displayed in 3 character animations: Healthy, moderate and near death.

- This a real time game, the enemies will be moving around and attacking themselves. I've carved out 3 varieties: Large guy who will have a high defense and be able to shove the players throwing them off their line, fast guy that will attack constantly and stationary scene kids who will flail at set times and can only be attacked when not freaking out.

- The strategy is in keeping a large combo going to defeat the enemies before the song time runs out sending a wall of death in which crushes everyone and triggers a game over.

- This is something that I probably won't have time for but I'd like the player to be able to have time to prep their team. There would be people with different stats that you could pull from.


  1. Hi Lawrence!
    there are some things that are still not too clear for me, like what kind of environment you mean when you say 1988 and how is this character going to interact with the other character and build the combo. But supposing you are going to figure all this out later I think the basic idea of the game could work.I like the idea of using the mouse as the main tool instead of the key board. You just need to explain a little some rules and events that will happen when you fight this altered reality because at this point is too hard for me to give you a feedback if I don't get it well.
    ps: I like the ozzy character


  2. Hey Lawrence,
    I agree with Denise that there are a lot of unanswered questions concerning the gameplay. For example, is this a turn based game or real time? What makes the game difficult, challenging, or in need of strategy? That said, I do think that the sketches are the best you have made so far and do explain a good deal to detail the core mechanic so good job.

  3. I tried expanding on the abstract a bit. I'll go into it even more a little later tonight.

  4. Hey Lawrence,

    Can you explain how the user would level up? or gain points? I think I understand the basic concept of the game, which seems solid, but I don't quite see the fun in the game without more of an explanation. So after the line is drawn and the black balls are hit, the black balls dont disappear? They remain there for the second player to hit?


  5. That's entirely my bad. The player gets to the next level when all of the black balls on that level are beaten. The black balls wouldn't die in one hit it would take a few to finally bring them down.

    They take damage mostly from being hit by the player characters and then secondary damage from knocking into each other but not from knocking into the level boundaries.

  6. So let's me re-iterate what this is:

    In this game, two players have to work together (or use each other) to defeat all the black balls in the scene (which comes in 3 types). They either defeat the enemies and goes to the next stage, or time runs out and everyone gets killed.

    The players manuveur themselves by drawing their pathes for their balls, which will make the player bounce off the enemies, the other players, or the wall. The strength of the bounce depends on the "ink" the player possess and uses, as well as whether the player has bounced enemies in a continuous combo.

    Have I got it down correct, or did I misintepret something?

  7. The ink is for the amount of line that the player can draw. It's strictly for movement and nothing else.

  8. I think it is an interesting concept for a game that falls in line somewhere between Rock Band and Tony Hawk's Skater. I think that you have to define the rolls in the game more. What is an enemy in a mosh pit or at a concert? Is music an component in the game play? Maybe lasting through a whole song could mark the end of a level. Maybe the faster and harder the song, the more difficult bouncing of of people to make combos is. In what manner will the player control the character on screen, directional pad, timed button press, rapid button press? Think about the act and energy of moshing.

  9. Cool idea.

    I was wondering if when you level up (defeat all the enemies, I'm assuming) will you get more ink?

    I am also confused about the line being drawn. Why can't the player simply draw a line to ALL of the enemies 3 times in order to defeat them in one turn? Simply use up all of the ink.

    Definitely incorporating music to the gameplay can be fun. Perhaps the music is slow at first and then when there are tons of enemies and madness going on, the music is crazy intense.

  10. Steve,

    The ink refills after every time you deplete the bar.

    The player won't be able to, they won't be able to die in a hit they'll need to take a good chunk of damage before hand. Now that I think about it maybe a certain number of enemies will come out of the crowd so it isn't just beat all these guys on screen to continue.

    That does sound like a pretty cool idea, maybe have the whole stage shake and crap fall from the ceiling but that might put me out of time.